Penfield Vol. Fire Department

12211 Bennetts Valley Highway

History - Penfield Vol Fire Deptartment



    The Penfield Volunteer Fire Department was first incorporated in 1895 when a hand drawled pumper and hand drawled hose reel was purchased and stored in a local barn. Little interest was taken in the fire department from the time of the original incorporation till the time of reorganization in 1941.  On February 13,1941 the first organized meeting was held.

    In 1942 after many trips to Harrisburg to meet with the Chef Fire Marshall of the state, a civil defense pump was          obtained and mounted on a flat bed truck.

    In 1943 through the efforts of the members selling chances and conducting bazaars, enough money was raised to purchase a used chemical truck from the City of DuBois

    Between 1943 and 1948 a liquor licensee was obtained and business was set up in the Penfield Hotel then moved to a building built from lumber donated from the US Government donating C.C. Camps. The members dismantled part of the camp and erected the new building.

In 1948 disaster struck and the building and the equipment burned to the ground. In 1949 an new building was erected along with a new social hall. Also a new Dodge pumper and a used rescue truck was purchased.

    1960 - Land and store across the street was purchased and converted into a truck garage.

    1963 - A used 1952 GMC tanker was purchased.

    1968 - A new 1968 Ford pumper with a 750 GPM pump was purchased.

    1974 - A used 1971 Ford fuel truck was purchased and converted into a tanker and replaced the 1952 GMC tanker.

    1978 - A Kaiser 6x6 army truck was obtained from the Department of Foresrty and converted into a brush tanker with a 1300 gal tank.

    1982 - A used 1972 Chevrolet rescue truck was purchased from Sandy Township.

    1993 - A used 1978 International water truck was purchased and modified into a tanker and replaced the 1971 Ford tanker.

    1995 - A new 1995 Ford pumper with a 1250 GPM pump and 750 gal tank was purchased from E-One and added to the fleet. Also a 1977 Dodge ¾ ton pickup was received from the Department of Forestry and converted in brush truck. Also we add on two more bays to our garage.

    1996 - A used 1973 Maxium rescue truck with equipment was purchased from a fire company near Philadelphia.

    1999 - A 1970 Mack pumper, refurbished in 1992, with a 1250 GPM pump and 750 gal tank was purchased from St Marys VFD. This replaced the 1968 Ford pumper.

    2000 - A 1985 Chevrolet 1 ton pickup was received from the Department of Forestry and converted into a brush truck to replace the 1977 Dodge that was returned to the Department of Forestry.

    2002 - A used 1996 Freightliner Pumper / Tanker with a new 500 GPM pump and 1800 gal tank was purchased from Foust Brothers in Georgia. This replaced the 1978 International tanker that was sold to a fire department in Tennessee.

    2004 - With the help of a grant and a loan from the US Department of Agriculture, a new 2004 Spartan  rescue truck was purchased from Crimson. With a purchase price of $253,552 dollars this was a major purchase for a small department. This replaced the 1973 Maxium rescue truck.

    2007 - With the help of a Federal Grant twenty three new sets of turnout gear and 12 new Scott air packs with spare bottles were purchased.

    2008 - A new thermal imaging camera with temperature display was purchased along with 10 sections 5" hose.

    2009 - With the help of a Federal Grant and a loan from our Township we were able purchase a 2008 Smeal Freedom Engine. It's equipped with a Waterous 2000 GPM pump, 1000 Gal water, and a foam system. The purchase priceof $327,000.00 it took a lot of work and fund raising to pay off the unit and the remainder of rescue truck. This unit replaces our 1970 Mack Pumper and 1968 Kaiser bush tanker that was returned to the Department of Forestry.

   2010 / 2011- We were able to pay off our Rescue and our Engine

   2012 - In June we sold our 1995 Ford pumper and purchased a 2012 F-550 Ford Attack built by Crimson . It is equipped with a 300 gal water tank 30 gal foam tank and a CAFs system. We have equipped it with a Hurst Combo tool and a portable Hurst power unit. 

  2017- In September of this year we were awarded a Federal Grant for $330,000.00 and have ordered a new 3000 gal tanker with a CAF system from Kaza Fire Equipment to be built by Rosenbauer Fire Apparatus.
 2018- Starting in August we added a 48’x50’ addition to the fire station to house the new tanker and provide an office, lounge, utility room and storage space. Also in August we sold our 1996 Freightliner Tanker. 
          October we purchased a 1986 Ford pumper from Crescent Fire Company.
          December 28 the new tanker was delivered by Kaza. It is a 2018 Freightliner tandem chassis with a 3000 gal tank, 750 GPM pump with foam and CAFS and has a 3000 gal portable drop tank.
 2019- April by joining forces with other Clearfield County companies we were able to obtain a Federal Grant to upgrade all of our portable radios. We received 5 mobile units and 24 handheld portable units.
         June with help of a Federal Grant we were able to replace our Scott air packs that were nearing their expiration date. We purchased 24 new MSA air packs with recharagble batteries and 48 new bottles. Six of the packs were upgraded to include thermal imaging cameras