Penfield Vol. Fire Department

12211 Bennetts Valley Highway

This story is copied form an article that appeared in the Courrier Express on June 30, 1941

Firemen Called To Penfield

DuBois Department Sends Help to Fight Flames That Destroyed Grange Hall

Loss $3,500.

DuBois firemen had their second night alarm for an out-of-town fire within a week at 3:00 am Sunday when they answered a call to Penfield where the Penfield Grange Hall was burned down by a fire of undermined origin with a loss estimated at $3,500. The fire is believed to have been the aftermath of a dance that was held in the hall on Saturday night, breaking up at midnight, although caretakers of the the hall found no evidence of the fire when they closed the building. Shortly after 2:00 o'clock it broke out and the Penfield Fire Department was called into action, responding with two hose carts and hose. A nearby hydrant was tapped and water was turned into the flames, but the fire had spread over most of the interior building and when it broke into the open it was too hot for the firemen to get close enough to effectually fight. The call for help was sent to DuBois when nearby buildings were threatened and Fire Chief Elmer Hallstrom sent Friendship and J.E. DuBois Companies and fifty men to the scene. The Hall was burned down when they arrived, however. and the home firemen had seen it through the crisis and saved a house beside the burned structure and one across the highway, both of which were blistered by the heat. The DuBois firemen did not pull any hose. the burned building was owned by the Penfield Grange and was a two story structure about 50 by 80 feet, the lower floor being used as a hall, and the upper floor for the Grange. It was a center of community activities at Penfield and it was believed likely that immediate steps will be made to replace it. It was understood that the Grange carried $1,500 insurance on the building.

This story is copied form an article that appeared in the Courrier Express in 1947

The community of Penfield is minus one fire truck today following a grass fire Saturday afternoon which burned over ten acres, destroyed two barns, two sheds and threatened seven homes, and kept Penfield and DuBois firemen busy more than three hours. It was the most serious and threatening grass fire to occur in this district this year. The Penfield fire department lost it's apparatus when strong winds pushed flames to two barns between which the fire truck had been parked. The flames engulfed the structures so rapidly that firemen were unable to move the vehicle. When Penfield firemen reached the scene of the blaze they found they could not handle the situation and so placed an immediate call to DuBois for help. The Fourth Ward and Goodwill companies responded. The two barns each valued at $500. were destroyed. They were owned by Mrs Leah Spotts, a former Penfield resident who is now living in Philadelphia. Her home was also threatened but firemen were able to hold the flames in check. One home, the Falva residence caught fire but was quickly extinguished with only slight loss. The fire The centered near the heart of the Penfield community. The flames fed by high grass, leaped high enough to destroy telephone lines passing overhead. Telephone service to Weedville, Tyler, Byrnedale, and Hollywood was cut for the afternoon. Penfield firemen said the blaze was caused by children playing with matches in the deep grass. The fire truck was valued at more than $700. It was one of two trucks owned by Penfield. The truck had been purchased from the Fourth Ward Hose Company, of this city..